About Redi-Scapes Structures 

Redi-Scapes Products Are Available Through Redi-Rock Structures of OKI
Redi-Rock Structures of OKI was the first to introduce large block retaining wall materials to the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region in 2003. We cut new ground then and we continue to be a forward-thinking and cutting-edge company today.

In 2009, the need for a smaller block wall system that could be set by hand became apparent. Redi-Scapes, developed by Redi-Rock International, was the perfect solution. Redi-Scapes walls combine the timeless beauty of natural stone with the structural benefits of architectural grade precast concrete. The result is a natural-looking wall system with engineered capabilities--perfect for retaining walls, planter walls, water features, patios and other areas where aesthetics are important.
Our Commitment to You
The view we take of our customers sets us apart. We’re on a passionate pursuit to be the best... and this includes never taking for granted the loyal relationships we’ve formed or permitting ourselves to view any customer as “our” customer. Instead, we strive daily to continue to earn the business of each and every customer relationship we’re privileged to have.

Quality You Can Expect Every Time
Our commitment to Quality Assurance and Quality Control is a facet of business we take very seriously. We participate in Redi-Rock International’s Quality Assurance Program in order to demonstrate that our products conform to the highest standards of excellence. When you buy from us, you can be confident that every block delivered to a job site will perform in a consistent manner, exactly the way it was engineered.
Redi-Rock Structures of OKI. Delivering on every promise.

Does your landscape need a new look?

Choosing the right hardscape wall for your project can be daunting. You want the up-scale look of natural rock wall, but you also want a structural wall that can be engineered and installed quickly. That’s why we’ve developed Redi-Scapes—to give you the best of both worlds.

If you have any questions about designing, installing, or choosing the right retaining wall for your next project, contact us at 859.356.9221.

Featured Product

Natural Look, Engineered Function: Redi-Scapes walls capture the look of a stacked stone wall, but can be engineered to create a wall that will stand the test of time.